You are invited to experience art history in an uncommon way

 “Through the Eyes of the Artist” offers an exclusive view into the remarkable lives and times of our favorite artists 

Artist biographical lecture series

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You are invited to experience art history in an uncommon way. 

“Through the Eyes of the Artist” is an artist biography lecture series created by Felicia Zavarella Stadelman. Inspired by her enthusiasm for art, coupled with her education and background in art history, this program  is designed to provide a richer insight through the artist’s personal perspective. 

A program for people of all ages interested in uncovering the fascinating details of the lives and works of some of our most renowned and influential artists. For the past 26 years, Felicia has trained over 800 Art Docents, and delivered art history lectures in schools, libraries and communities in the Ohio, Rhode Island and Massachusetts area as well as internationally in Paris, France.

Each one hour presentation is enhanced with letters, music, prints and wonderful images to help tell the story of the artist. At the end of each presentation, every member of the audience receives an overview of the artist, and a notecard memento. 

By learning about the artists we begin to understand the meaning that is communicated to us through their artwork. Through this discovery, we gain insight into the experience of human existence, we realize that we share a common thread, identify with the artist, and appreciate even more the value of their work. Understanding the artist helps to bring Art History to our level, and makes it less intimidating. Every art piece is incomplete in itself. When we enjoy art we extend it and we make it our own.

Thirty three artists available

"Through the Eyes of the Artist" lectures offer an exclusive view into the remarkable lives and times of our most beloved artists. With over 33 artists in the series, you will have the opportunity to learn about artists you know, and artists you may not know now but will never forget! 

Master Inspired Art Workshop

Master Inspired Art Workshop

Art attains its appreciation and admiration when an onlooker enjoys it as much as the artist did in creating it. Every work of art is incomplete in itself, when we enjoy art, we extend it, we improve it, and we make it our own. 

Taking that passion one step further - to another level of art appreciation - we have added a series to the Through the Eyes of the Artist program called the Master Inspired Art Workshop. This series is an interactive art program in which your community will not only learn about the featured classic artist, but also create art inspired by their work.

Learn About the Artist - Recreate the Masterpiece

The program will include a thirty minute overview of the featured artist followed by a project overview, and a ninety minute workshop. 

Each member of the class will create their own masterpiece. The projects will be completed with instructor supervision. Each attendant will be provided with the highest quality art supplies. We will introduce a variety of artistic media as well as provide step by step technical instruction.    

Experience Art History with All of Your Senses

To inspire and create art patterned from fine art masterpieces, a collection of project examples will be presented. A ribbon of classical period music softly playing in the background will kindle and enhance the experience. At the end of every workshop, each student will receive a biographical overview of the artist with their featured works of art, and a notecard memento. 

The scheduled fee for each two hour workshop is $450 per session - all supplies included - for a maximum of 30 students. Special pricing is available for larger groups or modified projects.

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