Here's what a few people have to say...

“I found myself immersed in the stories. I always looked forward to the next week, excited to hear about another artist. I am in the arts myself, and have many books on the subject, but I learned more in the weeks with Felicia than I had in all the years I studied.” 

“Her approach is captivating and from a very unique perspective.” 

“Felicia opened up an entire world to me. I have a new appreciation for art, and art history, one that I have savored and delighted in as I continue to share it with my family and friends”.

“There are not enough superlatives to describe Felicia Zavarella Stadelman's Through the Eyes of the Artist Series.  First she selects artists for whom she has a real passion, then she does a tremendous amount of original research to find out as much as she can about their inner lives and the relationships that most impacted on their art.  She binds the personal with biographical detail, sets the whole to dramatic advantage with gorgeous and compelling images.  All of this alone would make for a world-class presentation, but and she herself, her choices, her voice, her intuitions are the best elements of all in the series.  The artists range from classical to modern, from realistic to impressionistic, but what they have in common is that Felicia has taken them out of the banalities of time and made them, and their works, come to life for her very grateful, very large audiences.   You couldn't do better than to host a Through the Eyes of the Artist Series designed and given by this extremely talented lady.”  


Laurie Burke

Director of Reference

Barrington Public Library

Barrington, RI

“Months pass, and still patrons stop me to reminisce about Felicia's programs. Felicia's art history series speaks to such a strong need for lifelong learning opportunities for our aging population. The lecture series also speaks to everyone's life long need for the fine arts! Felicia is an amazing resource, an excellent speaker, who engages her audience with scholarship,creativity, warmth, and kindness. I don't know how Felicia does it! Every program is special. Audiences delight in the "extras" Felicia provides such as a simple overviews and a beautiful note card highlighting the artist's work. Felicia's lecture series is a perfect community program; it is both educational and entertaining!” 

Joyce May

Library Program Director

Boston Regional Library System  


It is with great pleasure that I express my highest regard to Felicia Zavarella Stadelman and her artist biographical lecture series, “Through the Eyes of the Artist.” This series became an immensely popular event at our library, as our patrons enjoyed furthering their knowledge of the appeal of some of their favorite artists. As a part of our monthly series, Felicia’s artist lectures drew crowds of at least 80 people or more, and became a program our patrons were eager to attend. Felicia’s warm personality and presentation style made her a crowd favorite at the Hudson Library & Historical Society. Our audience was drawn to her sincere, hospitable approach to subject matter she is clearly so passionate about. Her depth of knowledge, personal insight, and visually rich presentations were fascinating as each lecture was a special event. We have been delighted to host Felicia as a speaker—again and again people comment “I just love how Felicia makes the artist come alive!”  

Alison Walton

Emerging Technologies/Reference Librarian

Hudson Library & Historical Society

Hudson, OH


Monday’s with Felicia

Weekends used to come to an abrupt halt. 

Everything we didn't finish on Friday stared at us like an angry lion on Monday.

That's how Mondays used to be. 

That's how we used to feel before you came to us, Felicia.

What was an ordinary meeting room containing walls, windows, floors, light switches, a table and chairs,

you transformed into a gallery where music played in the background, 

where copies of paintings perched on easels, and where on the table were displayed

continental candies, cookies, and colorful napkins,

all serving as clues to who the artist might be.

In our excitement, Monday's blues were blown away.

Besides enlightenment and pleasure, you gave us packets of illustrations and histories of each artist. 

We will keep these treasures as a reminder of our Mondays with Felicia.

A Poem by Lee Glantz

Barrington Senior Center

Barrington, RI